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2014-09-28 11:02:21 by Master-Awesome

My name is Master-Awesome. Anybody who has known me from previous accounts on Newgrounds should know that my account was deleted. For those who don't know about it or haven't figured me out yet, I won't spoil this for you because I don't want to be judged by my previous reputation.

Over the years of not being on Newgrounds, I have learned and grown over time and I'm not exactly the same lazy and childish  person you knew from long ago. I will one day reveal my old identity when you guys have grown to like (or hate) the new me.

For now you can refer to me as Master-Awesome for this site, BlogSpot's Movie Expert, and Youtube's Special Cinema. Now that I have gotten a small segment of my history on Newgrounds out of the way, lets get down to business.

I am looking for a brand new team to represent a new movie under development. For those online who are interested, I will have to tell you that you can't play as an actor in this movie unless, you go to George Vanier Public School in Toronto, Ontario. It wouldn't be my favourite decision, but I am just too far busy with school work to do movie making outside of school so the only time I can make is Lunch.

Although, you guys online still may have a purpose yet. You could be my Beta-Testers, Special Effects Crew (Although I usually prefer to do this myself, but you could fix any inaccurate effect I put in), or my Supporters (Just people who spread the word about any late news I have).

Maybe online people could be Script Editors as well. There is no money being made in this, so if you thought you were going to make something and joined for that, you are sadly mistaken. This is just something to do for fun.

Think of it like a hobby. I mean people join Book Clubs to have a sense of belonging or to build on work experience. This is more like that (except 10 times more awesome because you are the people helping or being part of an adventure).

How would it look to your boss if you showed yourself as a person who actually helped make a impressive movie. It may give you a chance in the workplace.

I don't really have much to say right now because I haven't been able to develop much, but I'm hoping for people there to care enough to help make this for fun.

You can contact me on this website.

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Right now, all these people in the poster are me as I don't have a group yet, but if you join, you could be one of these people in the poster and your names (or usernames) will be recorded into this poster.