2016-05-12 19:53:08 by Master-Awesome

Because last time I was here, the admins were dicks who removed my EPIC ADVENTURE movie which does fine on my YouTube - Special Cinema Channel, but doesn't do it for the bosses of NG for some reason. Quite frankly even the people were fine with it. Not to mention, I got their permission and after granting me the right, they took it down.

All things considered, has anything changed from that time or are the admins still dicks and there are just some people there randomly supporting them and hunting down those who speak ill of the admins. If that's the case, it's no wonder NG is not popular and people prefer these other websites.

Had NG not had such good music, I'd be gone from here. In fact, I'd be totally cool if they converted this site into just musics. Anyways, please let me know in the comments below the changes taking place here and if I should consider ever making anything more for this site. Especially since, they have such a bias towards live action to a point where they would lie to you, you have been approved, and take it off.

It's no wonder people don't like NG and to think I ever believed in this website. What a fool I was. Please don't repeat my mistakes. Learn from what I've experienced this website isn't worth anything except for what they enforce like animation, musics, art, and games.


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2016-05-12 20:03:16

The few sections of that Epic Adventure movie I saw were far less steady than the Maradonia movie. And you may or may not know how disrespected Maradonia is among writers.

First, learn to take steady shots. Tripods. That's what they're for. Or, have someone with steady hands do the takes.

Second, sound quality. Good grief, it was heavily reverberated. You know why they hover mics over actors, even in indie short films? That's because the voices are meant to be fairly uniform in loudness unless someone is really, REALLY far away. And it is covered with foam so that it dampens the otherwise nasty echo you get in rooms with hard surfaces.

Put it simply: To do a film, you need to know your acoustics and your technique. The same for music videos and things. Setting is vital.

It didn't help that a great number of people in the General forum complained about the quality of your work already. Instead of being self-righteous and thinking that your work should be there, and not these crappy animations... Why don't you actually improve the quality of your own work?

It's easy to look at the specks in people's eyes, but it's extremely hard to look at the massive log in your own eye.

Master-Awesome responds:

I MADE THE EXACT IMPROVEMENTS YOU DESCRIBED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAeFRTGM9ws&list=PLlcCqmE8EN-HpG4TwsIIdfWwUOdV2I3xO

Lately, I haven't released more films right away given I want some time to properly process my new works. I'm just saying that the movie did do pretty okay here and I still have the reviews saved for reminders of the stuff I need to change.

Saved Reviews: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/46f4a1f9b248f32a92252c7be18b9310

I'm just saying that this site doesn't have potential except in the music field.


2016-05-12 20:14:02

So all those art techniques I learned from every last person in the Art Forum were nothing, according to you.

So any Game Jam, Ludum Dare or part-Kickstarter attempt would completely fail on its foundations because you don't deem it worthy to survive.

Newgrounds has been supporting these media long before you or I came on to this site, and will continue to do so long after you've decided to turn your back on it. Welcome to NG.

Master-Awesome responds:

Okay, cool, they have potential in the art forums and in whoever loves to learn. I guess I really never bothered to check.

NOTE: I still don't respect the admins of the site. Just the people who use them. The people are cool and I even said it in the post.


2016-05-12 20:23:10

Next time, explore more and do your research, and participate more, before you speak, eh?

Many of us get our major gigs through here. Artist, programmer, musician? All foot in the door. TV show? Major video game? Plays on BBC Radio? All foot in the door. Go ask people like Hikarian, DavidOrr, TheWeebl, Phyrnna. I only name four examples, but truly, there are scores of them. A lot of it is taking the time to ask what they do here, and what they do beyond NG, and how they reconcile the two.

And then there was the 20th Anniversary Collab of last year. 120 of us did something truly awesome together. Tom Fulp included. It's still good credentials.

Master-Awesome responds:

Yeah, I guess I never bothered to check that either.


2016-05-12 20:24:19

P.S.: I am a moderator, one of your most disrespected. You're welcome.

Master-Awesome responds:

Quote "don't respect the admins", never said moderators, now your twisting it. One of my friends are actually moderators here.


2016-05-12 20:30:35

No, I don't think so. Staff and moderators hold a fairly close rapport. We're meant to. We can be cool, but we also have to hold our ground.

Which brings me to the question, did you even tell the staff it was going to be live action? And the next question, did they take it down because it was live action, or was it quality control?

Put an @ symbol near the particular member of staff, if you're brave enough, and we can resolve this once and for all. No intermediaries needed. For instance, @TomFulp.

Master-Awesome responds:

I think the time for resolution is over. I had my fun here and now it's time for me to move on. Hope for others to not repeat my mistakes. If the video were to get back up on this site, it wouldn't have the same meaning as it did all those months ago. Thanks for your help. Maybe get back to me in a year or two when I have had time to really think it over.


2016-05-12 20:37:44

I'll be right behind you, probably even haunting you when that day comes. XD ooooooOoooooOooooo.

Master-Awesome responds:



2016-05-12 21:20:33

Well, I just had me a little bit of frustration as far as the audio portal is concerned. I'm a supporter of this site, but I can't be supported? If you look at my news post, you'll know what I mean. Oh, well, I'll be on Pandora Radio and shit, soon. Then it's fuck this site. It was nice getting helpful feedback to improve my mixing and mastering, but I'm ready to move on. I'll probably still post covers here and there, but no more completely original stuff from me on this site.

Master-Awesome responds:

Glad to know I am not the only one who dealt with frustrations here. I'm taken a back that even you have to be in and out of this site as you have become dependent on some resources here.


2016-06-17 20:32:50

"Learn from what I've experienced this website isn't worth anything except for what they enforce like animation, musics, art, and games."

Animation, music, art and games make up the vast majority of this site, so saying it isn't worth anything except for those things is actually saying this site has a lot of worth.

I don't think a lot of people can vouch for you when you insult the admins like this. They do their best to support artists, even when it isn't commercially viable.

As for if you should make more for this site? Sure. Regardless of how "mistreated" you feel by the admins, you have to admit it's because of this site that you got tons of valuable feedback that you wouldn't have gotten on, say, YouTube.

Oh and please - stop playing the victim in everything. Your victim complex really isn't going to get you anywhere. Change your mindset dude.

tl;dr i'm a cuck

Master-Awesome responds:

You do have a point about one thing, I have kind of done some more research on this website and come to some understanding that Tom might have just been doing what he believed to be right. I think what bothered me the most was just that he didn't bother to say this in his PM. He sent somebody else to do it for him.

I mean it wouldn't have made things any better, but at least, I could have respect for the fact that he was willing to acknowledge me when he did it like those other times he sent PMs. To be honest though, I was also under a lot of pressure by my emotional abusive parents. They constantly put me down for everything and it hurt the most when it came to doing movie making.

So I think it just felt like a kick in the stomach when after trying so hard, I just wind up failing again to have this movie up on NG. I was so depressed about it given the stress my parents put me through, plus the stress I had with trying to get a team together, plus, the stress of police officers showing up because we used toy guns.

Then, after that, seeing the video be removed. Then, I guess, I just kept it to myself and never bothered to say anything to my friends as I was too embarrassed to say NG let me down again and that they lied.

My friends would have supported me no matter what and to be honest, one of my friends said it to me that it would happen so to kind of admit it even when I know my friend wasn't going to be a dick about it and say he's sorry, it was pride I guess. I am sure that there has been a time when you hope so much for something to happen and it just backfires.

That's life, right? Anyways, things only got worse from there. I wound up telling my parents that NG removed my content out of a moment of weakness and then, they told me that I am a disappointment and that this is a reason for never trying in life. I felt even worse about it and decided that I was too ashamed to admit it to my close friend.

Sooner or later, I admitted it to my close friend and he said, "I am very sorry you weren't able to have it up on NG, but at least it is working out on YouTube. Your parents are dicks for putting you under all this pressure for one website."

He said actually a lot of nice things. Not even once, did he gloat that he told me so. After talking to him, I felt a lot better and wondered why I never talked to him before. I started trying to seek some counselling help for the problem I have been having at home.

Nothing seems to be working though, so now I am being given some help in moving out of this home I live in. It has been a rough year and it all happened because of this movie being removed. Though, I feel maybe, it's really my fault for pushing blames because if it wasn't my movie, I am sure my parents would have used something else against me as that's their nature.

I was just in denial for 17 years that there was just some hope left in them. It kind of sucks I came to the conclusion very late in my life and it has taken me a very long time for me to realize how much of a fool I have really been.

I am over the whole NG removing my movie thing, but I still won't stop spamming on forums posts every time I have a new video up on YouTube as they lost a lot of my respect that time when they lied to me. I like the viewers they attract and you know, I have read that post where Tom admitted his depression of people leaving NG for YouTube.

It was a post he wrote a while back before, I agreed to help and stuff. I think I will just link you to it.

Tom's Post: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1372021

When I read that, I thought Tom would for sure agree to my help, which he did, and follow it through. I never thought for one moment, he'd back out the way he did. Then, sometime later, he did write another forum post like I pressured him into it, but I mean that's what being a business person is all about.

If all people were just there taking the hit, there would be no successful people. The people who truly make it are the ones too stubborn to quit. The ones willing to accept new things. The ones open to change. The ones willing to do the research. The ones willing to change their mindsets a lot.

I feel the reason Tom's website has only maintained a stable income and not to the popularity of YouTube is because Tom plays it safe. He doesn't want to go too far off his comfort zone because he is afraid of the risk backfiring. I, too, am very afraid of taking a risk.

Hell, I am still afraid to leave my home without asking for permission from my parents because it is just too darn scary, but I am trying. Perhaps, I should also give the guy credit that maybe, the people who surround him are always telling him to play it safe so he does so. My entire life, I played it safe and it never got me anywhere except, more insults from my parents.

At least, now I can say that I am able to cook something now, use the TTC bus further than my usual area (I am only allowed a certain boundary outside), and that I have more confident to speak up against other people in person now (not just the people of the freakin Internet).

It might have been a rough year for me, but this year also taught me that, I need to give NG some space to grow in their own way. Perhaps, the way I pushed Tom, it was just not his time to make the move. Perhaps, Tom needed to make some mistakes before he can reach his success.

Whatever it was, I have had a lot of time to really grow as a person. I think this month and 1 week especially, to really understand that even though it was kind of unfair of NG to do their thing on me, perhaps, it was unfair for me to judge.

Perhaps, I too, was at fault. Two wrongs don't make a right. Though, I feel the blog I wrote isn't entirely wrong to leave right there because if there are any other people out there who thought like me in the past, I want this blog to serve as a warning to not repeat what I did.

Because even though NG may change in future, chances are it may also not, and so this blog serves as warning that watch yourself. If you aren't too busy, I suggest watching these series below.

Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zVicVrq3D0&list=PLNyaKqNHPfyMR_csx8cUgYn5sPWMxrow3

It's starts off as a series just for shits and giggles, but winds up becoming something more as they go more into the political systems and morals of the characters. When you see the ending especially, you begin to understand the stuff life does to you to forge the person you are.

Had I not been stuck at home all these years and were more in the outside world, perhaps, I'd be less judgmental. I feel the most sorry for Ash because his entire life, his dad abandoned him, his mom barely paid attention to him, and all he had was a television screen telling him about the world of pokemon. I mean just the situation he describes could turn anybody into a crazy one-minded person.

Don't want to spoil anymore of the series, but just thought, I'd share that so you could feel a bit of sympathy for Ash as he comes across as a complete idiot at the beginning. This show doesn't focus on pokemons, but rather, the characters and political system. Anyways, that's all.

Feel free to also see my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKJKZWjAGpbrbTJ4QSJkMoQ


2016-06-21 22:56:17

I can respect your response. It sounds like you've matured. I look forward to your new videos and new forum threads. Take care my man.

(Updated ) Master-Awesome responds:

You should watch this series though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zVicVrq3D0&list=PLNyaKqNHPfyMR_csx8cUgYn5sPWMxrow3

You don't necessarily have to be a fan of pokemon to understand it. It is just very funny, but makes sense as well. If you want though. These aren't my videos though, but if you'd like.

If You Are Interested In My Videos See These: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKJKZWjAGpbrbTJ4QSJkMoQ

Even though I have learned a lot, there is still much for me to learn. The learning never stops, not now, not never. I have to always be willing to accept changes in society, accept who I am, and update my thinking. I am in a changing world, I can choose to either stay who I am or change with it. I will choose change over being the same any day.