2015-07-09 15:01:33 by Master-Awesome

I apologize to anybody who enjoyed it. I had to remove it because it wasn't good enough. I didn't have much experience in trailer making so I just thought all it took was putting a bunch of mashed up scenes and having some dialogues.

After reading the reviews, I've learned that a trailer needs a little more in-dept of the movie and I'm going to work on one that gives a little more in-dept without being a spoiler to my own movie. This doesn't mean I've given up, it just means I'm willing to make it better. 

I might not be able to fix everything, but I can at least fix whatever counts the most. I've saved all the constructive critisms and am going to look them over as I begin to remake my trailer.


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2015-07-09 20:18:14

awww but i liked it

Master-Awesome responds:

Well, you can see the remake: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/660590


2015-07-09 21:56:40

Only now you've realized?

(Updated ) Master-Awesome responds:

I think I had my doubts before, but then, I saw the Hobbit trailer and thought that how can I go wrong. What I've realized is different movies require different types of trailers?

My movie might require in-depth of the story because it is all that's good in the movie (besides the effects) or it just fits the style.


2015-07-10 09:14:52

We went thru this when you were SH132. We told you all this then and you didn't listen. I hope you are indeed figuring it out now, tho. Somehow, I doubt it tho, since you're still talking about remaking and redoing. :\

Master-Awesome responds:

Well, I didn't get permission to submit for nothing. Although, they told me that you are allowed to submit, but it is up to the people to approve. I didn't put together an interesting enough trailer based on the reviews.