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2016-12-31 14:22:08 by Master-Awesome

What If Episode 2 - The Crazy Films Is Here:


2016-07-26 17:56:19 by Master-Awesome

If you guys have never heard of it, you can go to YouTube right now to watch my video and see download link in the description box below. 




2016-05-12 19:53:08 by Master-Awesome

Because last time I was here, the admins were dicks who removed my EPIC ADVENTURE movie which does fine on my YouTube - Special Cinema Channel, but doesn't do it for the bosses of NG for some reason. Quite frankly even the people were fine with it. Not to mention, I got their permission and after granting me the right, they took it down.

All things considered, has anything changed from that time or are the admins still dicks and there are just some people there randomly supporting them and hunting down those who speak ill of the admins. If that's the case, it's no wonder NG is not popular and people prefer these other websites.

Had NG not had such good music, I'd be gone from here. In fact, I'd be totally cool if they converted this site into just musics. Anyways, please let me know in the comments below the changes taking place here and if I should consider ever making anything more for this site. Especially since, they have such a bias towards live action to a point where they would lie to you, you have been approved, and take it off.

It's no wonder people don't like NG and to think I ever believed in this website. What a fool I was. Please don't repeat my mistakes. Learn from what I've experienced this website isn't worth anything except for what they enforce like animation, musics, art, and games.


2015-09-02 16:41:47 by Master-Awesome

I know how annoying it can be to have to wait for something to get done. Trust me, I've been there. It might not be 100% professional as those high critics hoped for, but we are working out the bugs. Sadly, not all of them will be able to be fixed.

I worked very hard and did my very best on it. I know that none of you guys care about that, but when you are the one putting it all together, you want people to see the best in your film. I've also done a proper cinematic fix on the graphics. I did not put it in my trailer remake as I wanted that to be a surprise. Anyway, take care.

P.S. Sorry you haven't heard anything back from me during these past 2 months. Been busy working on the movie and didn't have anything new to report.



It was removed because I decided to update it in 1080 P and it was too much for NG's encoding server so the owner decided to remove the content for that. I apologized to the owner and said that I will keep it 720 P, but the owner didn't respond and is still not responding now.

Anyway, so I'm talking to the admin about it and I've been banned from uploading here. So me and him are now working out the technical issues on how we can republish without re-uploading. Hopefully, it will be back on really soon and everybody can watch it here. Just be a little more patient.

But if it doesn't work out, you might have to see on Youtube:

Update December 30, 2015 - NG removed the movie because their encoding servers were not perfectly built for LIVE ACTION movies and so when you watch the movie, you'd see a couple scenes slowed down or some weird glitches. They said, when they have fix those issues, perhaps, they'll finally be open to LIVE, but  their focus is animation for now.

Update February 23, 2016 - I decided that since people can't view my movie publicly, perhaps viewing it through my project link would be better. Know it sounds pretty pathethic, but since most of the reviews I received kind of helped in advancing in my film works, I'd like to hear more of them reviews.

Feel free to leave your reviews in the comments. If all your review is is, "LIVE ACTION isn't for NG", I'll just delete it because that doesn't really help me in my film carrier. Thanks.

I've been working on the trailer and have considered many valuable reviews. First, was the audio, I want to say that the audio has been fixed. You can hear what people are saying loud and clear. Second, was the profession of the trailer which is now fixed. The trailer follows a more in-depth of the movie and its story. It doesn't tell the full story because that's what you have to discover yourself. Finally, the message it carries. Most people couldn't take the movie seriously as it looked random, but now the new message is more serious and we show a lot of intensity, in my opinion at least.

Trailer Link:

I apologize to anybody who enjoyed it. I had to remove it because it wasn't good enough. I didn't have much experience in trailer making so I just thought all it took was putting a bunch of mashed up scenes and having some dialogues.

After reading the reviews, I've learned that a trailer needs a little more in-dept of the movie and I'm going to work on one that gives a little more in-dept without being a spoiler to my own movie. This doesn't mean I've given up, it just means I'm willing to make it better. 

I might not be able to fix everything, but I can at least fix whatever counts the most. I've saved all the constructive critisms and am going to look them over as I begin to remake my trailer.


2015-05-16 22:05:18 by Master-Awesome

That's right, you read correctly. Scene 1 of the Epic Adventure franchise is finally done. Also, I have finished the official title intro of the movie. Here's a snapshot of the intro.



Change Of Plans!

2015-04-10 22:41:53 by Master-Awesome

So movie gets done faster and so there is no further delay, we have started filming April 7 and finished half of Scene 1. I'm not showing the scene to anyone except a selected few. Please be patient.


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Youtube Video:

Epic Adventure Rehearsals

2015-03-28 15:10:54 by Master-Awesome

Rehearsals have begun for the movie. Our plan to start filming is May.


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Epic Adventure Is Now On A Roll!

2015-03-05 16:28:40 by Master-Awesome

My cast have been too busy to report back about my script so I had friends look it over. So far, they like the story. We plan on filming spring time because it is freezing cold in winter.


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